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In the past, the main star within the given 10 degrees was given the rulership of it. Of course with precession, after years a decan would begin a whole 10 days later so assigning a star complete rulership of a whole decan was not a good long-term plan. It is interesting though that if you look at the lunar mansions which come to us from the Arabs, you can see that they work on a similar principle.

There are 18 Lunar mansions and their meanings come from the main star of that sector. Again we suffer from precession where the constellations have moved with time. These Lunar mansions were very popular with Medieval and Renaissance astrologers and in the use of making astrological talismans. Some astrologers like Christopher Warnock still practice these traditions today. Back in the West, Hellenistic astrology changed the way the decans were used.

The Egyptians had assigned meaning to the decan from the influence given by either a god or spirit. This was replaced by the Ptolemaic order of dignity assignment where rulership was given by the seven planets in order of slowest to fastest. So we go backwards from Saturn to Jupiter, Mars and so on. Often there is some confusion about who are the rulers of the decans.

I prefer to use the Ptolemaic order, but a case can be made for the sign system. This was also a method used by Hellenistic astrologer Marcus Manilius. In his system the signs are the rulers of the decans so Aries rules Aries decan 1, Taurus rules Aries decan 2, Gemini rules Aries decan 3 and so on. This is called the triplicity system.

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The decans get a little lost in time as does astrology in general during the Dark ages. This time period covers the fall of the Roman empire to the rise of the Ottoman Empire. Finally, the decans are revived by Renaissance Astrologers, alchemists and magicians. It is here that the notion of pictorial representation of the decans for the use of talismans comes into use.

There are some very amusing and evocative verses that describe each decan. These descriptions turn up in grimoires and various occult books.

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Here is an example found in one of my favourite magic books The Picatrix. Latin translation My rising sign Gemini Decan 2. But for now, we will have to do with the verses. My approach was to use the fixed stars in a similar way to astrologer Diana K Rosenberg only she divides her zodiac into star sets that are 3 degrees wide. Her book is very interesting from a fixed star point of view, it is very detailed and had great references for the constellations.

For beginners, you can get quite swamped by the information, but for advanced it is a great resource all the same. I started adding the Sun and the Moon meanings due to my use of the decans in my Moon reports. You can get his material free online as part of the superb site Constellation Of Words.

That sight was a huge influence on my work on the fixed stars in general as well as my decans book. I would find we had derived pretty much similar meanings which was gratifying. Now that I have finished all the decans I realise that in another years the boundaries of them will blur as the stars precess, but at least the planetary strengths will remain the same. In November Regulus moved from the end of Leo decan 3 into Virgo decan 1.

Anyone who has studied Vedic astrology which uses the sidereal system will know the difference between Eastern and the Western astrology means that their signs are 24 degrees behind ours. I will have to hope that another astrologer will update my work in the very distant future! But for this generation at least, my interpretations will hold strong and I do like the thought that the meanings are not set in stone and can evolve over time. Now as far as using the decans to understand your own chart I need to explain a few things. The fixed star interpretations in certain areas of the zodiac are far more dramatic and dark than other areas.

But astrology like the tarot and the iChing contain all colours of the rainbow and all seasons. The decans are a book of archetypes and they are multi-faceted. In writing this book I had to honour the traditional interpretations of the fixed stars, but I also tried to update them for use in the 21st century. I also hope I have shown that with each negative star there is always the option of a positive transmutation.

In the same way, an overly successful and fortunate star can also flip into debauchery and excess. Astrology is not that much different than the Bible or other religious works in that if it is read too literally, it becomes dogma. It is up to the individual to use these tools and maps, and not let the tools use you.

As the saying goes, a bad workman always blames his tools. You could also say a bad soul always blames his Saturn rising! Nobody really knows how astrology works, but I have been doing this long enough to recognise patterns when I see them. History repeats, cycles repeat, but we aim not to keep going around in circles but to spiral forward. A decan can be practised at a very base level, ie; at the root chakra, survival level depending on the stage of evolution of the individual.

A difficult decan can be a gift in disguise. It can be challenging like Saturn, but the universe always rewards hard work. Another problem with traditional astrology seen through the eyes of modern astrology is that the whole chart becomes YOU. The way I read a chart follows the traditional approach in which your rising decan is the only point of the chart that describes you personally.

The ascendant is your persona and vehicle for this lifetime.

The position and decan of the ascendant ruler is also descriptive of your personality. We are essentially a trinity and the signs come in trines of elements too. So many religions also have this triad.

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Horoscopes are a gateway drug to the psychedelia that is astrology. Astrology novices can become fearful of the power of the planets and that fear can generate a self-fulfilling prophecy. With the internet and technology, there is easy access to drawing up your own chart and finding the meanings yourself. This is all great and can be empowering, but like looking up illness symptoms online you can also convince yourself you are doomed by your decans!

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The problem is there are no longer the great universities of the past, where astrology was studied as part of a wider curriculum of philosophy, medicine, alchemy and astronomy. Knowledge was far more holistic. It is the most evil star in the heavens. I picked Algol as my example because it is the most famous of the nasties. So… how do we deal with this? First of all, this is a general interpretation of the star. Scorpio natives are possessive and in need of the absolute, also idealistic and excessive. With Pluto as the ruling planet, people born under this sign are considered to be dynamic and extreme in their opinions.

It could be hard to make decisions, but not impossible. Free decan compatibility calculator by astrology decans. Clementine's 3rd decan of Aries Mercury has Jupiter's philosophic bend, and the Pisces Dwad links to the collective as well. Scorpio Decan 3 is ruled by Venus and the Moon Cancer triplicity. If this is you, others find you mysterious and secretive; for them, you seem to turn on the charm strategically. A naked woman with no clothing or jewelry is returning from the sea after having been expelled from her home- land.

This would help you to move seamlessly with your works as our horoscopes are manually written for the 12 zodiac signs according to the planetary movements in the sky. Pisces First Decan. First Decan Scorpio are drawn to the mysterious but may keep this a secret. Of all Aries natives, it is those governed by this Decan who are the most idealistic, romantic and restless.

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From February June 6 and then from October 12th forward, Jupiter transits your solar second house. The Three Decans of Scorpio. The notion can be applied to any planet placed in a zodiac sign, but is mostly used with sun signs. The males are cool, but the friendship is much the same with the women, a connection that eventually disconnects due to independence. We've divided our monthly horoscopes into 3 groups or decanates per sign for more accuracy. Scorpio horoscope - daily, weekly and monthly Scorpio horoscopes.

For here each Sun Sign is divided into three days slots, each of which is a decan. With the decans of Virgo, the earth signs Capricorn and Taurus add their influence to the second and third decans while the first decan is pure Virgo.

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The online horoscope compatibility chart is meant to enable you to be able to match all signs altogether to draw the final sexual compatibility conclusion after all. Click on your zodiac sign to discover your zodiac sign's love compatibility with the other zodiac signs.